The Seiko brand made a name for itself as being innovative in their environmental focus when they first revealed their kinetic watch in the 1980’s. Seiko was the first brand that produced a watch that could transfer kinetic energy into electric energy, placing the brand on the map as a leading innovator. Since then, the brand has continued to transform the watch industry, including introducing a watch that created energy based on the movement of the person wearing it. The marketplace looks to the Seiko brand for the latest and greatest when it comes to energy transfer and environmentally-friendly options. If you’d like to take advantage of the Seiko brand and you’re looking for a great value on a starter watch, you might want to consider the Seiko 5, which was first introduced in 1963. Business Insider named this the “Best Value” watch on the market, thanks to its inexpensive price point and its in-house 7S26 movement. The Seiko 5 gets high marks for reliability and classic style, leaving little doubt about the reason for its long-standing popularity.